Hanging COB LED Lantern Camping Light with 3 Modes
Equipped with carabiner, it can be carried in the hand, also can be used outdoors hanging. It can illuminate the entire tent or room. It's small, portable, not occupying place, perfect for camping, the car, anywhere a light is needed....
Telescopic Rod Lantern Light with Remote Control for Outdoor Camping
Equipped with an Ultra-Bright 4800LM light source, it breaks the dark night and easily illuminates half of the basketball court. The service life is up to 50,000 hours, which is 3 times that of LED lights. It can be used...
Remote Control LED Light with USB & Solar Charging
Powerful light source, wide coverage, moisture-proof and waterproof LED lamp beads with high quality and longer brightness life. It can be charged in the sun, and can be charged in cloudy days. The high-quality A-grade polysilicon solar panel has higher...
  • 120LED
  • 60LED
MIXXAR 6 LED Collapsible Solar Portable Camping Lantern
The MIXXAR 6 LED Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern features all the benefits of a lantern with the added functionality of a flashlight. The LED light provides better light than traditional bulbs while also saving power. You can use a hook...
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