Fishing Spinner Metal Spoon Bait/Lure with Feather
Metal spoon fishing lures with a feather, suitable for trout fishing in ponds, lakes and streams. One-piece crafted metal, features corrosion and abrasion resistance, along with a strong split ring, colorful feather and razor-sharp treble hook. Features: These spoons both...
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Double Propellers Frogs Soft Silicone Fishing Bait/Lures
Committed to providing innovative, high-quality fishing products for anglers of various skills, so that you can fish and fish throughout the season. The unique keel shaped design makes this frog walk over open water with ease. This Frog Hunter features...
$3.12 $3.00
Bread Bug 100 Pieces Fishing Lure Tackle
Life like bread bug soft feeling, better toughness high fish attraction lures. If hanged to a hook it makes suitable for Lure fishing, freshwater fishing, sea fishing, platform fishing. As a bait of crucial carp, carp, grass carp, it's hygienic...
$3.58 $3.50
Sinking Wobblers 8 Segmented Artificial Fishing Bait/Lures
The body pieces connect with textile fabrics that allow this lures wiggles to side to side as a real fish would swim. constructed from high-quality materials from expertly designed and rigorously tested these 3d realistic looking eyes and life-like holographic...
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